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Library of Congress Classification System

E - History: America and United States

The Revolution - 1776
Civil War
Twentieth Century

29Elements in the Population
31-49.2North America.
51-73Pre-Columbian America, The Indians
75-99Indians of North America
81-83Indian Wars.
99Indian Tribes and Cultures
101-135Discovery of America and Early Explorations.
103-110Pre-Columbian Period
121-135Post-Columbian Period, El Dorado
141-143Descriptive Accounts of America, Earliest to 1810.
151-887United States
173Sources and Documents
179.5Historical Geography
181Military History.
182Naval History
183-183.3Political History.
183.7-183.9Diplomatic History, Foreign and General Relations
183.8Relations with Individual Countries
184-185.98Elements in the Population
185.2-185.89Status and Development Since Emancipation
185.96-185.98Biography, Genealogy
186-199Colonial History.
191-199By Period
196King William's War, 1689-1697
197Queen Anne's War, 1702-1713
198King George's War, 1744-1748
199French and Indian War, 1766-1763
201-298The Revolution.
300-453Revolution to Civil War.
302Collected Works of American Statemen
302.1Political History
302.5-302.6Biography (late eighteenth century)
303-440.5By Period
303-3091775-1789, The Confederation, 1783-1789
310-337Constitutional Period, 1789-1809.
310.7Diplomatic History, Foreign and General Relations
311-320Washington's Administration, 1789-1797.
321-330John Adams' Administration, 1797-1801.
323Troubles with Frnace, 1796-1800
331-337Jefferson's Administration, 1801-1801.
333Louisiana Purchase, 1803
335War with Tripoli, 1801-1805
336-336.5Neutral Trade and Its Restrictions, 1800-1810
337.5Nineteenth Century (General)
337.8-400Early Nineteenth Century, 1801-1845
337.8Collected Works of American Statesmen
341-370Madison's Administration, 1809-1817.
351-364.9War of 1812.
365War with Algeria, 1815
371-375Monroe's Administration.
373Missouri Compromise
374Diplomatic History, Foreign Relations
376-380John Quincy Adams' Administration, 1825-1829.
381-385Jackson's Administration.
386-360Van Buren's Administration, 1837-1841
391-392William H. Harrison's Administration, March 4-April 4, 1841
396-400Tyler's Administration, April 4, 1841-1845
398Northeastern Boundary Disputes, 1783-1845
401-415.2War with Mexico, 1845-1849.
408Mexican Cessions of 1848
415.6-440.5Middle Nineteenth Century, 1845-1861
415.6Collected Works of American Statements
416-420Polk's Administration, 1845-1849
421-423Taylor's Administration, 1849-July 9, 1850
423Slavery Question, 1849-1853
426-430Filmore's Administration, 1853-1857
431-435Pierce's Administration
433Slavery Question, 1853-1857
436-440.5Buchanan's Administration, 1857-1861
438Slavery Question, 1857-1861
440.5State of the Country, November 1860-March 4, 1861
441-453Slavery in the United States, Antislavery Movements.
456-655Civil War Period, 1861-1865.
456-459Lincoln's Administration, 1861- April 15, 1865.
461-655The Civil War, 1861-1865
482-489Confederate States of America.
491-586Armies, Troops
591-600Naval History
660-738Late Nineteenth Century.
660Collected Works of American Statesmen
661.7Diplomatic History, Foreign and General Relations
666-670Johnson's Administration, April 15, 1865-1869.
668Reconstruction, 1865-1877
669Purchase of Alaska, 1867
671-680Grant's Administration, 1869-1877
681-685Hayes' Administration, 1877-1881
686-687.9Garfield's Administration, March 4-September 19, 1881
691-695Arthur's Administration, September 19, 1881-1885
696-700Cleveland's First Administration, 1885-1889
701-705Benjamin Harrison's Administration, 1889-1893
706-710Cleveland's Second Administration
711-738McKinley's First Administration, 1897-1901
713Annexation in 1898 of Hawaii, the Philippines, and Puerto Rico
714-735Spanish-American War (War of 1898).
740-837.7Twentieth Century.
740.5Sources and Documents
742.5Collected Works of American Statesmen
743-743.5Political History
743.5Un-American Activities
744-744.5Diplomatic History, Foreign and General Relations
745Military History
746Naval History
751McKinley's Second Administration, March 4-September 14, 1901
756-760Theodore Roosevelt's Administration, September 14, 1901-1901.
761-765Tafts' Administration, 1909-1913
766-783Wilson's Administration, 1913-1921.
768Purchase of Danish West Indes (Virgin Islands), 1917
780Internal History During World War I
784-805Harding-Coolidge-Hoover Era, "The Twenties"
785-786Harding's Administration, 1921-August 2, 1923
791-796Coolidge's Administration, August 2, 1923-1929
801-805Hoover's Administration, 1929-1933.
806-812Franklin Delano Roosevelt's Administration, 1933-April 12, 1945.
813-816Truman's Administration, April 12, 1945-1953.
835-837.7Eisenhower's Administration, 1953-1961
838-887Later Twentieth Century, 1961-
838.3Sources and Documents
839.5-839.8Political History
839.8Un-American Activities
840-840.2Diplomatic History
840.6-840.8Biography (General)
841-843Kennedy's Adminstrations, 1961- November 22, 1963
842.9Assasination, Funeral, Memorial Services, etc.
846-851Johnson's Administration, November 22, 1963-1969
855-861Nixon's Administration, 1969-August 9, 1974
860-861Watergate Affair, Resignation
865-868Ford's Administration, August 9, 1974-1977
872-874Carter's Administration, 1977-1981
876-880Reagan's Administration, 1981-1989
877.3Assasination Attempt
881-884Bush Administration, 1989-1993
885-887Clinton Administration, 1993-

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