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Library of Congress Classification System

A - General Works

ACCollections, Series, Collected Works.
AEEncyclopedias (General).
AGDictionaries and Other General Reference Works.
AIIndexes (General).
AMMuseums. Collectors and Collecting.
ASAcademies and Learned Societies (General).
AYYearbooks. Almanacs. Directories.
AZHistory of Scholarship and Learning. The Humanities.

AC1-199Collections, Series, Collected Works
1-195Collections of Monographs, Essays, etc.
801-895Inaugural and Program Dissertations
901-995Pamphlet Collections
AE1-90Encyclopedias (General)
AG1-600Dictionaries and Other General Reference Works
1-90Dictionaries, Minor Encyclopedias
103-190General Works, Pocketbooks, Receipts, etc.
195-196Questions and Answers
240-243Wonders, Curiosities
250Pictorial Works
305-313Notes and Queries
500-551Clipping Bureaus, Information Bureaus
AI1-21Indexes (General)
21Indexes to Individual Newspapers
AM1-501Museums (General), Collectors and Collecting
111-160Museology, Museum Methods, Techniques, etc.
200-501Collectors and Collecting, Private Collections
AP1-271Periodicals (General)
101-115Humorous Periodicals
200-203Juvenile Periodicals
AS1-911Academies and Learned Societies (General)
AY10-2001Yearbooks, Almanacs, Directories (General)
AZ20-999History of Scholarship and Learning, The Humanities
999Popular Errors, Delusions, and Superstitions

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