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Geographic and Population Centers of the United States


Geographic Centers of the United States and North America

North America: 48°10' North, 100°10' West - 6 miles west of Balta, Pierce County, North Dakota.

The 50 United States: 44°58' North, 103°46' West - West of Castle Rock, Butte County, South Dakota.

The 48 Conterminous U.S. States: 39°50' North, 98°35' West - near Lebanon, Smith County, Kansas.

Mean Population Center of the United States

In 2000: 37°41'49" North, 91°48'34" West - 2.8 miles east of Edgar Springs, Phelps County, Missouri.

In 1990: 37°52' North, 91°13' West - 10 miles southeast of Steelville, Crawford County, Missouri.

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