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Map Resources Premier USA & International CD-ROM of Maps

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Map Resources Image

An image from a map of the Pacific Northwest from the Map Resources CD.

Map Resources

The Bottom Line

This is an awesome collection of royalty-free Illustrator-format maps that can be utilized in books, publications, online, or anywhere else right off of the CD as-is or with your own edits.


  • Layered and Editable Maps in Illustrator Format
  • Royalty Free for Offline and Online Use
  • Excellent and Beautiful Cartography


  • Costly for Some Users


  • While the Premier USA and Premier International each sell for $399, the two combined are $599.
  • Premier USA includes over 550 maps of the United States and each state (11 maps per state!)
  • Premier International includes over 550 maps of the world, regions and countries.
  • All maps can be used with Adobe Illustrator, Macromedia Freehand, CorelDRAW, and Canvas.
  • Each set of maps contains two CD-ROMs with all maps zipped.
  • Each map has 20-75 different layers that you can turn on or off, depending on your needs.
  • Political, physical, outline, and other maps are available for countries, regions, and states.
  • On the International CD, there are at least two maps of every country but some have up to 14 maps.
  • The International CD includes over 90 globe images and over 100 world maps in various projections.
  • Individual maps can be purchased from mapresources.com for a specific project for $50 to $200.

Guide Review - Map Resources Premier USA & International CD-ROM of Maps

While $399 or $599 might seem expensive for a collection of world maps, Map Resources has created a product that will be indispensable to geographers and publishers everywhere. This product puts beautiful and accurate world, country, or U.S. state maps into the hands of anyone who needs a map for a book, a magazine article, or even a website.

Never again should a publisher of a book be forced to pay for shoddy cartography nor should less than perfect maps appear in any publication. The maps from Map Resources are ready to use, out of the box, and are royalty-free!

Map Resources has turned this geographer into its number one fan! Every department of geography and world regional geographer should own the complete bundle! You won't be sorry!

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