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Area Codes and Phone Numbers
Guide picks
Everything you ever wanted to know about area codes - find area codes for places in the United States and around the world.

Area Code Maps
Fantastic maps of area codes for each U.S. state.

Area Decoder
A quick and great site that provides city to area code and vice-versa for the U.S. and world-wide area codes.

International Calling Codes
Country and city codes for places around the world, organized by country.

International Calling Codes: Numeric Listing
A numerical listing of international calling codes for countries.

List Area Code Changes by Date
A listing of area code changes by year since 1995.

List Area Codes by State
Obtain a listing of area codes for each state and a history of their changes and modifications.

Numeric Listing
A numerical listing of area codes for North America, including those reserved for future use. Only lists the sate associated with each code. See this page for definitions.

Telephone Prefix Location Directory
Determine the city or town that belongs to a prefix within an area code.

What is the North American Numbering Plan?
Basic information about area codes and their usage.

Yahoo! People Search
A searchable "white pages" (people) directory of phone numbers.

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