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Geography 101 Online Course

This is an online email course that will teach you the basics of geography.

Who Should Take The Course?
I've created thirteen lessons that cover the basics of geography. These lessons are designed to give geography enthusiasts a well-rounded overview of the discipline. This is also an excellent resource for students of introductory geography courses.

How Long Is The Course?
The lessons will come to you in the form of thirteen weekly email newsletters.

How Do I Get Started?
Sign up below and your first geography lesson will arrive soon. When the last newsletter arrives you are automatically unsubscribed - no action required on your part. To unsubscribe earlier use the link at the end of one of the newsletters.

Don't Miss an Issue!
Double check your email address! Most of the bounces I receive are from subscribers making typos on their email addresses - transposing letters, leaving out part of the address, or accidentally adding extra characters.

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