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Amanda Briney

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Amanda Briney

Geography at About.com contributing writer Amanda Briney.

Amanda Briney

Amanda Briney is a geographer who serves as a contributing writer for Geography at About.com. She has a Master of Arts degree in geography from California State University, East Bay (CSUEB) and Bachelor of Arts degrees in both English and geography from California State University, Sacramento (CSUS). Amanda previously served as the first Geography Intern for Geography at About.com and her first article for the website was the “Geography of Coffee.”


As a geographer, Amanda loves to travel. Some of her favorite places are the Pacific Northwest, California’s Sierra Nevada, Idaho and Utah. She also enjoys hiking, camping and kayaking and loves visiting our nation’s national parks. Amanda has recently been to Crater Lake, Grand Teton, Lassen, Yellowstone, Yosemite and Zion national parks. She hopes to someday visit Denali, Glacier, and the Grand Canyon.


Amanda began her college education at Diablo Valley College in Pleasant Hill, California where she took courses from across the disciplines for her general education requirements. Among those courses was an introduction to physical geography course with a lab and she immediately fell in love with geography after doing labs focused on topics such as air photo interpretation and learning about the formation of the Earth's landscapes. Once she transferred to CSUS however, she continued to major in English because of an interest in writing, but she kept taking geography courses as well.

After deciding she wanted to be a professional writer in geography, Amanda declared herself as a double major in both geography and English. After graduating from CSUS, Amanda began graduate school at CSUEB to learn more about geography and fine tune her research and writing skills. She graduated with her M.A. degree in 2012.

Amanda's favorite subjects within the geography discipline are biogeography, urban planning, and climate/meteorology.

By Amanda Briney:

"Ever since I took my first geography class I knew I wanted to continue studying and writing about the many topics of the discipline. I feel that it's very important for people to have a knowledge and awareness of the world around them. I look forward to sharing my own knowledge with you through my articles here on Geography at About.com."

Amanda can be reached via email at amanda.briney at gmail.com. Before you write with any questions, be sure to read the very short Contact Me page.

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