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Capitals of Every Country

Male, Maldives

Here's the definitive list of the capitals of every country on the planet.

Geography Spotlight10

Shenzhen, The Instant City

Learn about China's Instant City, Shenzhen, which grew 300 times its size in 30 years. This city is an example of China's fast-paced growth.

Scotland's Referendum on Independence

Everything you wanted to know about Scotland's referendum in September 2014 to decide whether to become an independent country and independent from the United Kingdom after 300 years of unity.

The History of Cartography

Read this article to learn about the history and development of cartography. Learn about early cartography in Greece, Rome, China and the Middle East as well as cartography in Europe and modern computerized cartography.

Development Geography

Development geography is a field of study that analyzes the unequal distribution of wealth and resources across the world and how this inequality affects various populations.

What is Sea Level?

What is sea level and what does sea level actually mean? Discover the meaning of sea level and how rising sea levels can impact our planet.

Celestial Navigation

Learn how to find your place on the Earth's surface without a GPS, using celestial navigation. Celestial navigation uses the sun and starts to find your place on the planet.

The Golden Triangle

Learn about the Golden Triangle, a region of illicit drug production in Asia. Find out the history of the Golden Triangle and efforts to combat the illegal activities in the region.

China Will Have Another Major Demographic Problem

Due to China's One Child Policy, by the mid-century, China will have a surplus of 40-50 million men: "A surplus of 40-50 million bachelors throughout the mid-

Live Global Shipping Map

This Marine Traffic Map is incredible; by zooming in you can see the location of every commercial shipping vessels over 299 gross tonnage on the planet. It's

20 Tallest Buildings in the World

The world's tallest buildings keep getting taller. Take a look at my just-updated list of the world's 20 tallest buildings. I'm sure you'll be surprised by

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