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Seven Wonders of the Modern World

Take a look at these seven amazing human-made structures.

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Beijing's Baby Boom

Wednesday April 23, 2014

2008 Summer GamesDespite China's One Child Policy, there was a huge cohort of children born in Beijing in 2008, the year of the Beijing Summer Olympic Games. The year 2008 was considered lucky by the Chinese not only because of the Olympic Games, but also due to the number eight. Now, those six year-olds will be entering first grade in the fall and it seems as though the infrastructure of Beijing might not be able to hold the extra 10,000 children entering the school system. Read more on the Sinosphere.

Population Loss in the Russian Far East

Wednesday April 23, 2014

Due to geographic isolation, Russia's Far EastVladivostok region is currently experiencing the fastest population decline among the country's nine federal districts. In 1991, just before the Soviet collapse, the population of the region's largest urban center, Petropavlovsk-Kamchatsky, was about 250,000 residents; by 2002 the population fell below 200,000, and today it is estimated to be barely above 170,000.

World's Next Tallest Building Under Construction

Saturday April 19, 2014
Work begins on April 27 on Kingdom Tower in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia. Kingdom Tower is expected to be 568 feet taller than Burj Khalifa, the current tallest building in the world, when it opens in 2019. No other building is currently proposed that would be taller than Kingdom Tower, according to the Council on Tall Buildings and Urban Habitat. Kingdom Tower will be a combination of residential, hotel, and office space and consist of 160 habitable floors among 200 total floors. Don't miss this incredible video of what the completed world's tallest building will look like.

Geography of Crimea

Saturday April 12, 2014

Crimea BillboardSeeking a great basic overview of the geography and history of Crimea? Look no further than this brand-new article on Crimea from Amanda Briney.

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